The League

The full Global Poker League consists of 12 franchise teams from all around the world. Connected to cities with teams expected to hail from New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Toronto, Sao Paolo, London, Paris, Prague, Barcelona, Moscow and Hong Kong. Teams will be decided announced between November 1st, 2015 & January 20th, 2016.

GPL will split the globe – and its 12 teams – into two 6 team conferences:







Each GPL team drafts 3 world class players based on eligibility from the GPI Top 1,000 global player rankings – an NFL style Draft Day experience for Poker.

Teams each announce their 2 choices for wildcard players as well.

Draftable Players:

Players in the GPI Top 1,000 rankings as of Jan. 1st, 2016 will all be invited to sign with the Global Poker League. Every player that consents to sign up instantly becomes part of the GPL Draft Pool.

Each of GPL’s 12 Teams will feature a 5 player roster – 3 of these players will be drafted during GPL’s Draft Day, much as they would be in the NBA, NFL and other conventional sports leagues.


The 2 remaining spots on each teams’ rosters are filled up by Wildcards – players chosen at team owners’ own discretion.


To make the game more engaging & help break Poker’s status quo GPI will highlight a number of new additions to live and online play:

• Live heads up and 6 player matches with time limitations via 30 to 45 minute “action clocks” counting down during each player’s turn (think: the same dynamic as chess clocks during speed chess).

• Players playing standing up rather than seated live in the studio and in The Cube™ to give viewers a new perspective on players emotions, expressions and competitive fight.

• Hybrid digital/ live competition on tables with digital cards and real RFID enabled chips to quicken live play by 4 times compared to conventional live poker gameplay.

• Online matches held on a proprietary poker platform built from the ground up to offer the most inclusive, engaging fan experience and allow room for constant improvement.


The GPL Regular Season:

Consists of 12 Weeks of twice-weekly competition spread across online platforms, live in-studio heads-up matches and punctuated by live feature events played out at iconic venues within The Cube™ – GPL’s signature gaming ring.


The GPL World Championships:

Post Season Competition will play out live in a 1st tier Sports Arena in the United States in the summer of 2016. Exact dates and venue are due to be announced in the coming weeks.


All Regular Season GPL matches will be livestreamed online and available on the largest OTT platforms, with exclusive weekly pre-game shows featuring a panel of analysts and experts.

The Cube

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